Jess Oliver Videographer & Editor

Jess began her videographer career as a hobby in 2017. She quickly realized she had a passion for being behind the camera and attended many workshops and courses to develop her craft. 

In 2018 Jess became the videographer/social media director for Musick Studios, where she gained hands-on experience editing and producing dance photography, productions, competitions as well as advertisements, social media videos, and graphic design. As her professional career began to take off in the dance industry she was looking for an opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills as a videographer/editor. She first met the Wonder Boy team in 2019, through meeting them her excitement and passion for videography grew to new heights. Jess has recently begun to expand her horizons into capturing industry, wedding, food, and lifestyle content. 

Jess officially joined the Wonder Boy team in 2021, and is looking forward to capturing our client’s most important moments with us. Jess is also a Tap Coach/Choreographer for Musick Studios, she enjoys spending time with her wife & two children, listening to music, and learning to play the piano.